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Digital Transformation

Our consulting experts within the Agrinote Holdings Professional Services practise embrace your business needs and are with you throughout the lifecycle of your solution. From the definition of your strategy to the management of your business ecosystem, Agrinote Holdings provide support, expertise and experience and accompany you as your business grows and changes.


Support and Expertise


Find the Strategy

Digital transformation is a journey, and your organization needs a clear direction to follow. Your industry requires experts who understand your business needs. Differentiating through innovation and by automating processes will give your business the advantage over your competition. Agrinote Holdings provide a proven transformation strategy from monolithic applications to the most scalable cloud platforms.

Choose from complex solutions

You want open, scalable and flexible solutions without being locked into any single technology vendor. Your solutions must be implemented rapidly, and they need to fit perfectly with your existing solutions. Your employees – the end-users – have to be properly trained so that you get the most out of your new tools and processes. Agrinote Holdings enables the business stakeholders with a clear and concise roadmap delivered.

Manage a multi-faceted ecosystem

You want to ensure security and a high level of performance, alongside the evolution of your business ecosystem. Your role is to provide a higher level of quality service with a compromised budget or aggressive timescale. You want to reduce multi-sourcing complexity risks and align your sourcing capability with your strategy. In our opinion transformation is a benchmarking approach – to an understood goal, a future way of working enabled by a cloud service, delivering transformative business benefit along the way. Agrinote Holdings provides leading case studies and proof of concepts to reduce technical debt.

1. Develop the best strategy
  • Benefit from our business consultants’ expertise in digital transformation and key industry-specific knowledge
  • Assess your business processes and technical innovation opportunities at every level of your ecosystem with the help of our technical experts
  • With our guidance, define the best approach to dealing with your IT strategy
2. Build the best solutions
  • Our solution consultants are certified in 37 different domains and are able to assess and design solutions that optimize the adoption of your solution
  • Our project managers ensure that your project follows the Project Management Institute (PMI) or other world-class methodologies
  • We commit to delivering your end-to-end solution on time to comply with your business objectives
3. Run the best ecosystem
  • We provide governance and integration services for all aspects of your IT ecosystem
  • Our dedicated consultants are responsible for the continual development of your solutions
  • With our engagement, incidents or changes in your IT network can be easily managed
  • We provide a single support and contact point for the entire project lifecycle
  • Service review and decision support empower your managers

What We Do


A new approach to Enterprise Architecture

Agrinote Holdings helps clients to think differently. Our consultants take a practical approach to building an Enterprise Architecture function that drives positive business results. We can help you position Enterprise Architecture in a way to influence key strategy, planning and delivery decisions and become the connective tissue between your IT and business organisations.

Using the Enterprise Architecture Maturity framework, Agrinote Holdings work to understand the current state of your capabilities and help you toward a fully integrated Enterprise Architecture function.


Digital Transformation

Enterprise Architecture assessments

Agrinote Holdings consults with the client’s capabilities to assess the Enterprise Architecture. If currently the client has an Enterprise Architecture function or not, our consultants can help you start-up or mature your capabilities by building the foundational components of Enterprise Architecture while driving identifying business and technology initiatives.

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