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Datacentre Transformation

With the transition to service, management comes the need for greater IT flexibility, server and storage utilisation, and cost variability.
Technologies, such as virtualisation, service provisioning, and automation, help address this need and enable more agile data centre capabilities.
New sourcing models, as well as the emergence of cloud computing as a viable and secure platform for IT service delivery, could deliver even faster, more cost-effective data centre capabilities.


While most organisations understand the value of optimising their data centre environments, it can be a very difficult understanding of where to begin. Agrinote Holdings has tried and tested toolsets that produce a roadmap to Data Centre Transformation.


Utilising our proven lifecycle methodology along with our data centre transformation services we will help you assess and plan for current and future business requirements which will drive demand on the data centre, design a solution that will help accommodate expansion and contraction in data centre demand, implement and manage the data centre solutions that align to your business priorities, improve IT-service management which in turn will deliver a high-performance data centre whilst at the same time helping to reduce operating cost.

Improved Performance

We are exceptionally positioned to help your company achieve high performance with data centre services.

We offer: Extensive knowledge and experience: We offer broad technology experience with insights into innovation that bringing both skills together help our clients make informed decisions and mitigate risks.
Industry experience: Our goal is always to understand your business, markets and industry. In the area of data-centre services, we offer tailored solutions for organisations.

Vendor independence: We are vendor agnostic but have strong relationships with leading technology providers that work with us to bring market-leading data centre solutions to the marketplace. Our ability to work across technologies eliminates the problem of vendor bias and enables us to suggest technology solutions that meet your specific needs.

Complete approach: We focus on delivering infrastructure technologies, as well as the supporting operational processes and tools needed to enable high performance.

Business focus: We are committed to delivering service-oriented solutions that generate measurable business results

Robust set of delivery resources

We offer field-tested tools, methodologies and practices, as well as the agility to offer custom and pre-built solutions.

Scalable sourcing models

We Plan – Design —and then Implement—diverse sourcing models to scale the data centre infrastructure to keep up with business growth and the ever-increasing demand for IT services.

Agrinote Holdings’ Data Centre Transformation Services can transform your data centre to operate more efficiently, reducing its physical footprint and flexibly providing data centre services to meet fluctuations in business demand.

We can help you develop and implement data-centre strategies that are capable of meeting existing and foreseeable future demand, virtualising and enhancing servers, transforming storage capabilities, and addressing “green IT” issues such as power usage, power sourcing, and climate controls.

Range of Services

Our comprehensive range of data centre transformation services can help you reduce IT complexity, improve scalability, and achieve significant gains in data centre efficiency.

1. Discovery
  • Audit of hardware and applications, the publication of application catalogue and CMDB management.
2. Data centre optimisation
  • Helps your business deliver more efficient and cost-effective data centre services to business users while improving service availability.
3. Cloud implementation
  • Plan, Design and deployment of hybrid cloud environments.

These services provide a consistent, repeatable methodology to help you successfully plan and design a secure, scalable, resilient, and available Data Centre and to prepare your staff to use and support it.

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