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Our Software Network Controller – Consilio

Consilio is our fully developed, secure Cisco ACI based design service. It provides businesses with software-defined attributes and a manageable data centre platform. The platform delivers attributes such as increased automation, visibility, analytics, and control. Our specialised product optimises networking by providing faster speeds of up to 100GBs. The increased speeds allow quicker and more efficient connections to the public cloud.

In addition to the increased speeds and connectivity, our Cisco ACI (Application Centric Infrastructure) solution provides our business clients with a platform to assist with easy troubleshooting and increased scalability. Growth and evolution are important to business, and through our Cisco ACI (Application Centric Infrastructure) platform, our clients can be sure that their data centre has the provisions and the room to grow with time. With a shared platform for physical and virtual elements, our clients have the opportunity for quick potential gains.

At Agrinote Holdings we have developed a bespoke and highly specialised service that allows our clients to build a fully functional and operational platform using Cisco ACI (Application Centric Infrastructure). Our team understands that Data and Application Migrating is a complex process. Our Consilio programme is derived from tried and tested methods, structures and procedures, so our clients can have complete confidence that their legacy network transfer is a smooth transition.

We have extensive and comprehensive knowledge surrounding the complexity of Cisco ACI (Application Centric Infrastructure) allows us to assist businesses to create a concise and succinct program. Without a thorough and detailed plan of action, it is easy for a project to become lost and misguided. Through our carefully planned and prepared program, our clients can develop a personalised solution from our template. We provide a strong foundation for the assembly of their technology.

Migrate Business Legacy Workloads Improve Speed Functionality

Enabling Software Defined Networks

Agrinote Holdings’ client template allows us to enable the addition of any personalised and bespoke requirements. Businesses can implement functional components into their infrastructures, such as firewalls and load balancers. To accommodate these changes and offer clients a reputable solution, Consilio has expanded.

The hybrid model allows a smooth transition to ACI application-centric and segmentation by addressing some of the major challenges. This includes greenfield deployment such as re-IP, shared services or lack of flow data.

The hybrid model also offers a path to separate systems running multiple services that require different security posture, which is often the case on systems that have always operated in a flat network with no internal firewalls. By using the hybrid model, you can stand up the same services on separate physical servers without affecting current applications.

For large segmentation efforts, it is best to breakdown a complex project into smaller and manageable phases, instead of performing a large amount of work upfront, which is challenging in a dynamic environment.

Do not let the complexity of ACI application-centric stop you from taking full advantage of this SDN technology. After all, the investments made are for building a robust and dynamic network for the application and the business; let’s not stop at only network-centric.


Migrating legacy workloads from on-premise data centres to the public cloud has become an increasingly popular procedure in modern business. This is how Consilio has enabled clients to migrate legacy workloads to improve speed and functionality. Towards the end of the life of legacy infrastructure, speed can momentum can suffer. Our team at Agrinote Holdings ensures the smooth transition from legacy infrastructure to the cloud via our patented and innovative Consilio, Cisco ACI (Application Centric Infrastructure) solution.

There are two main components involved in ACI when designing a hybrid model:

  • Underlying network infrastructure
  • Transport and session of applications

By separating these two components, your fabric becomes more flexible, which essentially enables you to build a fabric that not only can provide segmentation for application, but also maintains the same network operational model as in traditional networking.

The following sections briefly describe three states:

  • Network-centric state: similar to typical network-centric deployment.
  • Transitional state: both network-centric and application-centric EPGs co-exists.
  • Final state: applications are segmented with all application-centric EPGs.

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