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Tracing our history back in the UK in 1999. We have built some of the largest and diverse networks for multi-national telco clients. We have evolved to the present day and have built our company up to be one of the pioneers in the data centre industry. Our vision is to become one of the leading and most trusted advisors in the SDN and SDDC industry.

Technology is a cornerstone feature of all modern business strategies. Our team at Agrinote Holdings advises and collaborates with our clients to develop and assemble bespoke and personalised technological solutions to motivate and inspire exceptional business values.

Data Centre Automation Of Technological Solutions & Development
bespoke personalised technological solutions

Data Centre Automation

To help us to provide our clients with a superior service, our team at Agrinote Holdings has developed a specialised design service. Our service allows our customers to build a fully operational platform using Cisco ACI (Cisco Application Policy Infrastructure). We understand that ACI is a complex and potentially difficult medium to master. Consilio is derived from tried and tested infrastructure and procedures, which ensures our client’s full confidence when evolving legacy platforms into a software-defined data centre.

It can be easy to lose direction when using the Cisco ACI due to the complexity of the program. Understanding your goals will help you to possess a degree of control over the outcome of your project. To help with this, our team has developed a client workbook with a template solution. Through our developed structure and guides, Agrinote Holdings provides our clients with a robust foundation from which to build their project. We have created this as a base for our clients to develop their bespoke schemes.

Our partnerships are important to us, so we work closely with our clients. Our Chief Information and Experience Officers provide valuable information and guidance surrounding our technological strategies. All methods and procedures that our team follows are designed to effectively drive business value.

At Agrinote Holdings, we always strive to be at the forefront of our diverse and innovative industry. Our expert team collaborates with our clients to assess and identify critical areas. Areas that have a significant impact on their business. We work with various specialist vendors who we have carefully selected for their professionalism, expertise, and knowledge in design. These partnerships allow us to design, deploy and manage high performance, low latency infrastructure, and security solutions.

Software-Defined Data Centres – Delivered

At Agrinote Holdings, we put our customer’s requirements at the forefront of all of our work. Our team will focus on our customers’ desired business outcomes from the beginning of each project. Our customers receive the most exceptional quality work and support from our team. You will have complete visibility and control over their project at all times.

Clients of Agrinote Holdings can be sure that we will provide focus driven, practical business solutions that support your key business strategies. If you are searching for an efficient, safe and superior way to update your legacy software, please do not hesitate to contact our team. Our business engagement team are happy to discuss the specific requirements of your project and can offer you unique and personalised advice on how to proceed.

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