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Software-Defined Networks (SDN) with a focus on Data Centres running Cisco ACI fabric. Network Centric to Multi POD. Agrinote Holdings has the capability and services to architect, design and implement the Software-Defined Data Centre (SDDC)

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Agrinote Holdings

Agrinote Holdings is built on a service excellence of over 19 years of experience. We deliver complex designs and bespoke solutions for Network, Data Centre and Migrations. Our client base extends across the UK and Europe. Our team of talented and trusted consultants work closely with business stakeholders and technology SMEs. We do this throughout the entirety of our projects. We can assure our clients that they will receive the highest quality service from the team. This starts from initial concept to final design and installation.

What We Do

We believe that every customer has the potential to transform. We provide the support as they take the necessary steps to ease their journey into the technology of tomorrow. In today’s evolving world, customers have critical expectations. A thorough understanding of their business and an ability to help them derive greater value from their technology investments. Then, bringing solutions to their challenges and a return on their investments are all vital success factors. We assist our customers by demonstrating best practices. Through successful collaboration, we quickly become their strategic advisor and trusted partner.

Very simply, we deliver software-defined data centres built on Cisco ACI. The Cisco ACI product delivers the most secure, open, and comprehensive Software-Defined Networking (SDN) data centre solution.


We have developed Consilio, our unique software-driven platform. It radically simplifies, optimises, and accelerates infrastructure deployment and governance, and expedites the application deployment lifecycle. It supports a hybrid IT infrastructure: on-premise and multi-cloud environments. What makes it unique is its architecture. The design enables it to support an application-centric environment. It can easily respond to the changing demands of today’s data centre. It can support physical, virtual and container environments simultaneously without compromising scalability or security.


With an increased focus on their internal business challenges and how these can be overcome. With the use of technology, rather than the technology itself, customers look to partner with IT consultants and suppliers. We can offer the right business, value-led approach. We do this by engaging at all levels to understand the organisational challenges. Empowered delivers outcomes underpinned and enabled by technology, to address its customers’ business needs and objectives. Our proven approach to IT consultancy combines our experience working closely with customers to fully understand their objectives. Our ability to drive the outcome and deliver complex SDN and SDDC projects on time and budget.


Our business consulting team will assess your current IT service delivery model. We will then make recommendations to ensure tight alignment with the achievement of business objectives. This could involve developing alternative delivery models. They designed to cut costs and deliver a more responsive IT service to staff and partners. Using our professional design and IT consulting skills, we integrate disparate hardware and software. As well as public, private and hybrid cloud models to design an infrastructure which will provide maximum network performance. Our consultants will guide you in plotting a migration path to new network services. We do this by evaluating your current system and protecting existing investment as part of the design process.

Trusted Partner

At Agrinote Holdings, we have a proven track record of delivering superior service. Our portfolio of work and experience spans across both high-level conceptual designs to lower-level designs. Our team of trained professionals is experienced in highlighting network platforming and application performance quickly and efficiently. The team will protect your intellectual property against malware, including ransomware, including ransomware. No matter what your requirements are, let be your trusted business technology partner.

Software-Defined Networks

We start with the business challenges with an architecture that enables the ACI fabric to be customised. The technological landscape is constantly evolving with Agrinote Holdings any data centre within the world is ready to deploy hyper-scale workloads on-premise to enabling cloud gateways to grow into cloud platforms. We work with business stakeholders and technology towers to develop the network as a platform which optimises application transformation giving security and governance.

Why Us?

We provide our clients with bespoke, personalised and practical solutions that are geared towards helping your business succeed. We have a wealth of knowledge and experience. Plus, access to the best of breed solutions to help your business see quick results.

We support our clients through their project lifespan, from technical innovation to final implementation. As your trusted technology partner,
you will receive the most superior solutions from an experienced and capable team of professionals.

If you would like to speak with a member of our team, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are happy to discuss your project with you. We can offer guidance regarding how we can help you reach the next stage of your technological development.

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